Prepare for your vaping start date

Prepare for Your Vaping Start Date

Well, you’ve set a Quit Date for smoking and a start date for vaping with ecigarettes, have you thought about how you are going to quit? You may be feeling, “Am I really going to be able to do this?” This section will help reassure you that you can. Step 2 covers a lot of specific techniques that will help you to prepare for your Quit Date with v2 vaping strategies. It will teach you how to eliminate your strongest urges to smoke before you quit. You’ll review Do Power and how it can help you cope with temptations after you quit. You’ll learn strategies for getting family and friends to cooperate with you and give you a little encouragement. Then you’ll complete a checklist to make sure you’re ready. By the time you get to that point, you’ll be set to go!

Check Your Vaping Starter Kit

Getting closer to Quit Day is a good time to look at your vaping starter kit utilizing a coupon from v2 ecigs. By now, you should have completed the purchase from V2 ecigs and have your vaping starter kit at your home. Open up the kit and get familiar with how the ecigarette and eliquid work. At this point, definite smoking patterns will be apparent to you. In the rest of Step 4, you’ll be using your v2 electronic cigarettes vaping starter kit to eliminate your strongest urges for cigarettes before you quit and figure out how you can cope with temptations after you quit. For example. you may notice you smoke most of your cigarettes around mealtime after breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This tells you that you’ll need to focus on activities you can do at these times to reduce your temptation to smoke.

Look Lo see if you’ve got enough e-liquid in your starter pack. if you really have strong cravings for most of the cigarettes you smoke. If so, you may want to decide now that you’ll use nicotine replacement after you quit smoking. Continue to use the starter kit until you quit. It is the single most effective technique for quitting. It will help you identify and plan for temptations after you quit. And, for the very reason it may seem tedious and annoying to do, it breaks up your smoking patterns before you quit, which will make things easier when you do quit.

Eliminating Urges—Eliminating Cues

All around you and all day long, lots of cues tell you it’s time to smoke. And these cues are responsible for most of your really
Strong urges to smoke. Ask yourself, “What’s the cigarette that is toughest for me to go without?” Chances are, your answer is
something like:

    “That cigarette with the first cup of coffee in the morning.
    “Lighting up after getting out of a long movie.”
    “Relaxing with a cigarette after dinner.”
    “Having a cigarette at morning break, after I haven’t had one
    since arriving at work.”
    “Unwinding with a drink and a cigarette when I get home in
    the evening.”

Each of these descriptions centers on a cue : the first cup of coffee, getting out of the movie, relaxing after dinner, morning break,
and having a drink in the evening. These cues are signals that you and your brain have come to link to smoking—when they happen,
you want a cigarette. As a matter of fact, you have linked them so tightly to smoking that they make you want a cigarette. What we are going to describe now is a method to eliminate these toughest cues and, with them, the toughest urges. If you can get rid of some of the cues for smoking before you quit, situations