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Matthew Fox had a hangover the morning after we met. Which made me feel a whole lot better. Hanging out with Fox, you see, can make you feel insecure in your masculinity. All that talk of horseback riding, surfing, chewing tobacco, playing wide receiver at Columbia University, growing up in Wyoming, getting tattoos, marrying an Italian model and never eating during camping trips until he catches a fish will do that to a guy. So when I found out that the Fast Eddies we downed in the members-only club he co-owns in Manhattan Beach, Calif., also did him some damage, it was reassuring. But then I realized that the shared hangover is a performance device. It’s a weakness that Fox lets his audiences see, like his characters’ crying bouts or the fact that his voice is a little small for his body. These things make you think he’s a guy just like you, if you were a little more heroic and had a skull made of granite.


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Happy New Year Foxy fans! I hope 2007 is your best year yet.

Playing more catch up, there are several new interviews archived:

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And head over to the Gallery’s last uploads section to see some of the new pretty pictures. And for some wonderful screen caps from WAM, visit MWT’s photo gallery. Thanks MWT!!

ABC aired a new Lost Moment (#7) last week and I have archived the clip and posted screen caps over at Lost Media. I also caught a new promo that aired during the football game today and you can also see it at Lost Media.

Matthew will be a guest on the Ellen DeGeneres Show this Thursday, January 4th.

Matthew will be on the cover of Men’s Journal Magazine in February. (Thanks to Sammie for the scans!)

Thanks for the kind remarks about the new layout! It’s very pink, but I think it will do for a bit. With all the testosterone-filled football stuff going on recently, I got a little girlie.

Oh, and go see We Are Marshall again! I have seen it twice and plan on seeing it again this week while my daughter is in school. Let’s do our part to support Matthew!! He is WONDERFUL in this movie.

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Head over to American Way Magazine’s website to read a cover story feature on Matthew and his life in Hawaii.

This article is also archived in the print interviews section.

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A scanned my copy of Best Life Magazine and you can view the photos and/or read the interview.

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Thanks to ava24 for this scan from the newest issue of Entertainment Weekly. Matthew designed his own Beck CD cover!