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Matthew Fox was unable to recognise himself onscreen

Tweet Matthew Fox provided some serious eye-candy for the female fans of Lost, when he starred as Jack Shephard. Now, the heartthrob is going to set pulses racing once again with his new look body after losing an incredible 44lbs (20kg). Matthew, 46, put himself through an intense workout to lose weight in order to […]

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Men’s Fitness Outtake



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Matthew Covers Mens Fitness November 2012


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Matthew Covers DAMAN Magazine Oct/Nov 2012 [Scans+Shoot]


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LOST No More

Tweet As his hit series comes to an end, Matthew Fox looks to the future. Somewhere, in a parallel universe, Matthew Fox is working on Wall Street. That was his original plan when he attended Columbia University, where he earned a degree economics. But through a combination of chance, perseverance, and fate, he ended up […]

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Entertainment Weekly Cover

Tweet With just a few precious hours of Lost left before the Island drama fades to (Man in) Black on May 23, this week’s Entertainment Weekly pays tribute to the ABC show with Lost: The Complete Viewer’s Guide, a special package with everything you need to know to get ready for the epic finale. First […]

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The LOST Goodbye

Tweet Is it all just smoke monsters and mirrors? As Lost twists and winds to a finale, Jim Windolf finds the hit show’s co-creator and producer focused on the only plotline that really matters. Mark Seliger photographs Matthew Fox, Josh Holloway, Evangeline Lilly, and their fellow castaways. Read the article over at Vanity Fair.

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Emmy Magazine Cover Boy

Tweet Matthew is on the cover of the current issue of Emmy Magazine. You can get a copy at the Emmy website and view scans in the gallery. BONUS GIF from the photographer’s official website: Many Lost fans will be sad to say goodbye to Dr. Jack Shephard, whose character is evolving in the sixth […]

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