Quit Smoking Date

f09cfca67d378d68e7b5eeb15b995108Are You Really Ready?
Okay, the plan is for you to quit on your Quit Date. But, maybe you are thinking that you are really not ready. Remember the key
fact: the average successful quitter relapses a few times staying smoke-free. So making attempts and learning from them
is part of the program, not a failure. The fact that you are reading this book means that you want
to quit. Just thinking about quitting is an important first step in the right direction. It may take you a while before you’re ready
to make the quit, but don’t get discouraged. By doing what you’ve already done, you’ve definitely moved closer to success
in the future. If you decide to hold off for a while, talk with several friends or coworkers who have already quit smoking, Let
them tell you firsthand what strategies they used to break the habit, and how much better they feel now that they’re non-
smokers. There is evidence all around you that people can stop smoking. More than 46 million Americans have quit. Also check the list of organizations included in the Resource section of this book. The American Lung Association and many local hospitals offer group programs or individual counseling to help people quit. Or, you may want to discuss it with your doctor to give your plan a boost.

Of course, go back through the first three Steps and see what seems to click for you in terms of making you feel you’re working on something worthwhile. When you’re ready, set another Quit Date and then go through Step 4 again. Then, chances are good that you’ll answer “Yes” to the questions in the Are You Ready to Quit Smoking test and be ready for Step 5, your Quit Day. You should also try to purchase a one months supply of e cigarettes. Recent studies have shown that smokers who use ecigs are 25% more likely to be successful in their smoking cessation attempts. We generally recommend that you use the “Starter Packs” that can be found on such suppliers as V2 ecigs.

Why do we recommend going this route? There are 5 reasons why:

    1. Increased chances of success
    2. Lowered cost of materials
    3. Aligns with smoking habits already ingrained in your subconscious, thereby preventing any withdrawels.
    4. Recommended by many doctors.
    5. There are multiple programs in place that you can follow to quit.

So when using electronic cigarettes in your pursuit of quitting smoking, it is critical that you follow all prescribed steps. Because you don’t want to trade one bad habit for another slightly less bad habit. Choose the proper quit date and remind yourself every morning, afternoon and night of your quit date. You should also envision yourself and what life would be like after you quit. After your quit date, try creating a spreadsheet and you will be amazed at how much money you are saving by not smoking or vaping. It really and truly is a wonder to watch the money pile up in your bank account. Just quitting for 2 years can give you enough money in your bank to put a down payment on a new car, or take a very nice vacation somewhere. Try rationalizing it this way and you will see that smoking is just not worth it.