Matthew Fox, Still ‘Lost’

After Matthew Fox made the trip to New York to host last weekend’s “Saturday Night Live,” speculation among Those Who Watch “Lost” (TWWL) has been rampant that the actor’s character must’ve been cut from the ABC drama, currently on hiatus until February, but busy filming in Hawaii. Turns out Jack is safe — for now — as Fox told movies editor and fellow “Lost” watcher Jen Chaney in an audio interview that will be posted on early next week: Read More »

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College Sports TV Site

College Sports Television has a special section dedicated to We Are Marshall with lots of goodies to explore. Check it out!

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Georgia Sneak Preview WAM Review

Two boxes of tissue will get a true, blue Thundering Herd fan through the two hour and 10 minute movie. I suppose since I have lived in the Atlanta area for 12 years, seeing my hometown on the big screen was one of the proudest days of my life. Read More »

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West Virginia Sneak Preview WAM Review

I was fortunate enough to see We Are Marshall on Wednesday evening and I have one word- riveting! To say that this film exceeded my expectations would be the understatement of the year and here is why. Read More »

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Matthew Fox talks about Marshall

It was a day when “red” and green mixed nicely. The actor portraying former Marshall assistant coach Red Dawson became a full fledged member of the Marshall football fan club.

Marshall’s Keith Spears presented the actor with a Marshall football jersey the number 1–with his name on the back. Fox said he’s learned a lot about the herd since he’s been in Huntington.

“I didn’t really know much about Marshall,” Fox said. “Chad Pennington, I think,” he said with a laugh. “So much of what I really enjoy about being an actor based on actual history, is learning.”

Part of that learning process has been spending a lot of time with the real Red Dawson. Fox said he’s really enjoyed their camaraderie together and getting to know the “Marshall story.”

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2006 College Football Awards Opener

College Football Awards Opener 2006 College Football Awards Opener
Description: Matthew opens the 2006 College Football Awards for ESPNU. Aired December 7, 2006
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NFL Total Access

2006 NFL Total Access 2006 NFL Total Access
Description: Matthew on NFL Total Access giving his NFL football picks on December 8, 2006. Includes a clip from We Are Marshall.
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Not Any Given Sports Movie

Let’s all take a deep breath and recite the sports-movie formula together, shall we?

Start with a down-and-out team, add a troubled coach/player with personal demons and surround him with plenty of comic-relief teammates. Put in a few musical montages as the team starts playing well, insert a sudden adversity to overcome (death, heartbreaking loss, failed relationship), and then have the main character score the winning point in the final moments as the music swells. Bingo! You’ve just made $100 million.

Matthew McConaughey, Matthew Fox and “Charlie’s Angels” director McG have been around Hollywood for a long time and know such trappings all too well. That’s exactly why, when it came time to make “We Are Marshall” (which hits theaters December 22), they sought out a script that uniquely emphasized feeling over formula. Read More »

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