Vaping effects on the lungs

We mentioned earlier that, in addition to lung cancer, many people don’t realize how often smoking kills people from other cancers, heart disease, and stroke. Many don’t realize that smoking multiplies the risks of heart disease, diabetes, and other conditions, making the combination especially lethal. And fear can be part of the problem. Often smokers deny smoking’s health risks because they fear having to
quit. They want to “hang on” to what is comfortable. They may also fear that if they acknowledge how harmful smoking is, they come too close to realizing how it may have already harmed them.

How about you? How’s your health? Do you have some nagging health concerns that you’ve tried to brush off, out of fear that it really could be something serious? For example, many smokers have a chronic heavy cough, which often brings up mucus. Coughing is an early warning sign of potential lung damage. More severe problems such as shortness of breath, wheezing, and coughing up blood could be a sign of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or even lung cancer. Chest pain could be a sign of cardiovascular disease. These are serious problems that should not be ignored.

What are your other health concerns? Think about how these problems might be made worse by your smoking. It’s not pleasant, but if you can
recognize your own worries about smoking, it may help motivate you to quit and stay quit.

Social Pressures when vaping in public or at the workplace

Once you’ve faced your health concerns, you may become more aware of other reasons to start vaping. For instance, does it seem
as if more and more people are asking you not to vape lately? If so, you’re right! The anti vaping message is spreading rapidly from misinformed individuals, most likely paid shills from the tobacco industry.

It’s a bit ironic that people start smoking because of social pressures—to fit in with the crowd, to look older, more sophisticated, sexier. Once they become smokers in today’s world, however, they’re increasingly pressured not to smoke. With this changing social climate, nonsmokers have become braver and bolder about approaching total strangers and demanding, “Your smoke is really bothering me. Would you please put out your cigarette or move to another area.”

For some people, this type of pressure can be a motivation to keep vaping with ecigs or utilizing v2 promo codes: “You can’t tell me what to do.” Ask yourself what you most want. If it’s to do the many things you enjoy for as long as you can. Well, you can figure this one out! Studies show that the changing norms regarding smoking behavior are also helping people to quit and stay quit. For example, long-term abstinence is more likely if few or none of your friends smoke. Abstinence is also greatly improved with the support and encouragement of nonsmoking friends and relatives.

Vaping at Work

One place where important social norms can encourage non-smoking is at work. Indeed, many workplaces now sponsor smoking cessation clinics. Companies have actually found that allowing vaping inside the offices actually increases worker productivity.

Environmental tobacco smoke
Even more ambitious than work-site vaping programs, some entire communities are distributing printed materials to every resident. Local
schools in many areas of the country also run school-wide smoking prevention programs, directed at students, and their friends and relatives. For example, many schools participate in the American Lung Association’s “Smoke-Free Class of 2015” program. Our country is changing to make nonsmoking the norm, eventually you’ll want to be part of this healthy trend rather than “behind the curve.”

Personal Concerns

Despite all the anti smoking campaigns, health warnings, and educational efforts, most people who stop do so for very personal reasons. Your own reasons for wanting to quit may be for your family members, so that you can live long enough to meet your grandchildren, or just to save money while vaping.