Vaping Health Effects

Congratulations! You’ve made it past your first day without smoking. You may not have thought you could do it, but you have! I will talk a little about how you feel about this. Many of us let our victories go almost unnoticed as we move ahead to the next crisis or item on our “to do” list. Why do you think you were successful? Where did you almost trip but keep going? How did you manage to avoid getting tripped up? How does this make you feel about your chances of staying off cigarettes? Vaping with an ecig can help start the healing process due to you inhaling water vapor and not carcinogens. Somewhere in your answers to these questions, you may even feel a little proud of yourself! You probably don’t feel like a “new person yet,” but you are already changing. You’re likely to feel more energetic and more alive than you have in years. A lot of self-repair work is already going on inside you. Your body is at work repairing smoke-damaged tissues this very minute. You may not notice the changes yet, but you will. V2 ecigs offers a “quitters program” specifically designed for ex smokers to learn how to vape and use it as a proper tool in their smoking cessation program.

It’s a Tough Job

Reading about the wonderful advantages of quitting may not be so comforting to you if you’re feeling symptoms of recovery. You may
feel very cranky. You may have discovered nerves you never knew you had. You may be ready to take someone’s head off for the silliest reason. You may even wish that you’d turn on the morning news and hear “Headline story—scientists have determined that smoking is not deadly after all.” All these feelings are normal, even if you’re having them all at once. It’s no secret that quitting smoking can be a very tough. What’s important to remember is that while you were taking nicotine by smoking many times each day, your body wasn’t functioning normally. It seemed normal to you. But actually, you were continuously “under the influence” of nicotine. Now that the nico-
tine is gone, your body is working to relearn what is normal.

Signs of Physical Recovery

Right now, you are probably all too familiar with some of the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. Reading about them won’t make them go away. But understanding them may make them a little easier to tolerate. Most importantly, remember these are not new problems that have now become part of your life. They’re just your body getting back to normal. We’ve mentioned this several times not because we want to preach about the virtue of being natural, but because it is helpful to keep this in mind. Irritability is perhaps the most commonly reported reaction of people giving up cigarettes. In removing the effects of nicotine as well as hundreds of other chemicals found in smoke, you’ve caused your body considerable stress. It’s understandable that you may feel short-fused for the first few days. Knowing to expect this normal reaction may help to keep it under control. Remember, cut yourself some slack and don’t expect to be “perfect” during this stressful period. Nervousness often accompanies irritability. You might want to ask your family, friends, and coworkers to try to understand that this is only a temporary effect that will disappear. Drink lots of liquids, especially fruit juices, to flush the nicotine out of your system as fast as possible. And avoid or limit stimulants like caffeine in coffee and cola drinks. Try the decaffeinated varieties. Coughing may increase, too, because your lungs are cleaning themselves out, getting rid of residues built up from years of
smoking. This “ex-smoker’s cough” is temporary and usually lasts only a week or two at most. Cough drops or cough syrups should relieve it in the meantime.