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First Look At Matthew Fox In ‘Welcome to Harmony’

Tweet We have some pics from Matthew new movie, take a look “Nine years after an infection turns most of the humanity into rabid creatures, Patrick, Jack and Lu, a nine-year-old girl, survive in seeming peace and calm in the forgotten snow-covered town of Harmony. We nonetheless sense that something terrible happened between Patrick and […]

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Updates coming

Tweet Hey! I’m in the process of making a HUGE update on this site – I’ve been off these past months due to personal issues, but I feel better now. I apologize for the lack of updates

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Matthew Fox was unable to recognise himself onscreen

Tweet Matthew Fox provided some serious eye-candy for the female fans of Lost, when he starred as Jack Shephard. Now, the heartthrob is going to set pulses racing once again with his new look body after losing an incredible 44lbs (20kg). Matthew, 46, put himself through an intense workout to lose weight in order to […]

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What’s new with the site?

Tweet Hey! I like to keep my visitors updated on the news of my sites; so, as you know I’m in the process of moving the gallery to another one and what I’m doing now is uploading Lost captures. after that I will start with other Matthew works and then with the public appearances.

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Redoing the gallery

Tweet I saw some mistakes in the actual photogallery, that’s why I’m in the process of redoing it – as we have soooo many pics, it will take me sometime. in the meantime, this gallery will stay open – once I do all the redoing, I WILL DELETE IT.

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Matthew Fox on his projects

Tweet Lost star Matthew Fox on his new film Emperor, supporting Arsenal and why he won’t return to TV “The only reservation I would have about going back to doing television would be that structure again and that freedom being taken away from me” It’s been a while since Matthew Fox was a regular feature […]

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New Owner

Tweet Hi! I’m Eli, I just adopted this site which means I will be in charge of bringing you the latest news and pics of Matthew. I just ask you for a little bit of time while I find all the updates needed, etc. So excited!!!

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Interview with Global toronto


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